It is a challenge for vegetarians to consume recommended intake of zinc. In plant its availability is low.

It is essential for the synthesis of DNA, proteins, insulin and sperm and for the metabolism of poly unsaturated fatty acids.
It is needed for reproduction, growth, sexual maturation, wound healing, protection against free radicals...

The absorption is increased by soaking, cooking and sprouting as well as the consumption of acid foods along.

Availability is decreased by phytate and wheat bran and combinations of calcium-phytate and zinc.

Large amount of zinc are lost in the processing of food. It is better to chose organic unprocessed food.

Zinc is also lost in the soaking water of beans. Recycle your soaking water by using it for the cooking of the beans.

Wheat germ (14 mg for 100 g)
Seeds (5-7 mg for 100 g)
uts (2-5 mg for 100 g)
Cheeses (3 mg for 100 g)
Tofu (2 mg for 100 g)
Beans (1-2 mg for 100 g)
Vegetables (1 mg for 100 g)
Whole cereals (1 mg for 100 g)

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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