Magnesium intakes have decreased these last years

Magnesium is found in large amounts in foods that also provide calories.

Since women are more and more interested in the way they look, they keep restraining themselves.
Dieting is O.K when one is overweight; it is a problem when one has an adequate weight.

This game of who is going to be the slimmest has a bad side; the body does not receive enough calories and nutrients.

Foods that provide calories are avoided and therefore magnesium intake is reduced.

Moreover, neglecting whole food also reduce magnesium intake. This mineral is found in the outer layer of cereals and since processed foods are always preferred to whole food we limit our intake of magnesium

What can I do to increase my magnesium intake?

  1. Eat food source of magnesium
  2. Prefer whole foods over processed foods.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietitian
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