Soy nuts, Natto, Yuba and other products

Soy nuts
They are whole soybeans that have been soaked in water and then baked until brown.
They are similar to peanuts and can be eaten the same way.

Natto is made of fermented, cooked whole soybeans added with a bacterium; Bacillus subtilis.
It has a sticky and viscous texture and a cheesy taste.
In Asian countries, natto is served in topping of rice, in miso soups and is used with vegetables.

It is the name of the thin layer which is formed on the surface of cooling hot soymilk.
Yuba is dried and made into sheets which are really thin. After having been soaked in water they can be rolled as crepes and stuffed with vegetables.
They can be sold fresh or dried. Fresh, they must be eaten within the next few days.

Soy cheese
It is an imitation of cheese made from soybeans. It is usually highly processed with no nutritional benefits.

Products made of soy
Food industries develop more and more products made of soybeans. We have a large choice of prepared foods from vegetables steaks, soy sausages, croustillades, vegetables burgers...

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