AB Label

It is optional and can be borne only by products, processed or not, that contain more than 95 % of ingredients organically grown.
This label allows the producer to show us his kind of production, and it is for the consumer an easy and sure way to identify an organic product.
It is a collective and offical branch administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery. It assures that the product has been produced or processed in compliance with the European specifications.

European label

It has been used since summer 1999 when the Ministry Council adopted it.

EUROPE-ORGANIC is a complete web site about European specifications and labels.

Most famous foreign labels

The Belgian label "BIOGARANTIE" and the Dutch label "EKO" are the most common labels we can find on the French market. They are not formal but help us identify the country the product is coming from, the handler and sometimes the producer.

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