The main organizations representing the organic branch


La FNAB: Fédération Nationale d'Agriculture Biologique des régions de France
It is a professional organization created in 1978. It federates agrobiologists regional groupements.

Its missions:

Protecting organic agriculturists' interests in a lasting development, coherent with organic methods in France.

Its actions:

  • Animating and coordinating the activities of the organic agriculturists' network
  • Organizing national events
  • Representing agrobiologists at the national et international level
  • Structuring the different branches


European association of Transformers and Distributors of Organic Products

March 22nd of this year, SETRABIO and the BIOCONVERGENCE confirmed the fusion of both structures.

Presence in all Organic food channels, Standing information, Promotion of Organic Agriculture and of its members, Preparation to certification and inspection, Statutory follow-up, Raw materials research, Quality service, Finding sources of funding, Care for members’ interests and ethic principles of Organic Agriculture

Real collective centre of resources and competence in the service of its members, its multiple missions have for objective the development of the “Organic Agriculture".

SETRABIO-BIOCONVERGENCE includes more than 150 companies members present in all the fields of organic foods (animal and vegetable) with a development in the not food area (Hygiene, textiles, cosmetics, intrants, etc)


There are187 selling places in the french network.
Created in 1987 by the gathering of organic products consumers' cooperative stores, Biocoop is a non-profit organization.
Its members are firms specialized in organic and ecologic products distribution. These comit to Biocoop's specifications.
Its goal is to develop the organic agriculture in a cooperative way. Biocoop represents the consumers in most regional and national agricultural authorities.

Biocoop's goals are:

  1. Offering to the consumer organic and eco-products which respect most of the principles enacted in Biocoop's specifications
  2. Contractually guaranteeing to the supplier a volume of activities and fair prices for all the operators.


    Institut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique

    This institute's goals is to favor the studies and the developments of organic agriculture and its products.
    It is composed of twenty specialized regional centers. It organizes conferences in order to assess specifications and methods.

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