Osteoporosis is a condition of gradually weakening and brittle bones. As bones lose calcium and other minerals, they become more fragile and porous. They may break under normal use or from just a minor fall.

This disease puts individuals at greater risk for hip and other bone fractures. Bones act as a reservoir for calcium. If there is not enough calcium circulating in the blood to meet the body's needs for the mineral, it will be pulled from the bones. That is why it is important to have an important stock of calcium. This stock must be at its peak when we are 30 years old.

This disease strikes women principally but men are not exempt.

After the age of 30-35 women lose 1 % of their bone mass every year. After menopause bone loss accelerate.

Osteoporosis can be due to dietary calcium deficiency or a lack of protein matrix that stores the calcium.

It can also be due to factors other than diet:
Lack of exercise
Being underweight
Being under thyroid supplements
Certain type of medications

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