After the cleansing week

It is without saying that you will not meet your friends for lunch the next day. It takes time to move back to your regular diet. Your digestion had been at rest during the juice fast and you want to be gentle with your digestive organs.

First of all you will have to chew your food very well (you should always do that but especially after a juice fast).

The next day you will reintroduce solid food. You will not eat a lot, neither mix to many different foods at the same meal.

Start the day with a full glass of fresh lemon juice with water to clean you intestines. Fruits and vegetables will be your main food this day. You can continue to juice for one meal. Eat vegetable salads, fruits, rice soaked and cooked without fat.

The supper can be a vegetable soup.

Then you can start introducing other cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Observe how your body reacts to the introduction of different foods.

It is not necessary to return to your old bad eating habits, with coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Try as much as possible to keep on eating right, exercising, relaxing, etc... Respect you body and thank it for its good job. Allow it to rest from time to time, especially after a stressful period.

Have a healthy and peaceful year.