What is cleansing?

A cleansing diet is based on the general idea that when all sources of incoming toxins are eliminated, the body will be able to start to eliminate stored toxins.
By toxins I mean principally chemicals and pollutants from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat... but also smoke and alcohol.

In normal condition, our body is able to flush all toxins out but when there is too much it accumulates them.
We then experience fatigue, headaches, poor energy, poor digestion, constipation, sleeping problems, unhealthy skin, nervousness, irritability...

Periodically, our body needs help cleansing itself, especially if you live a stressful live, do not exercise and do not pay attention to what you eat.

Fasting is the most effective way to release old toxins but it is hard to do and must be supervised by a doctor. Cleansing is a more gentle way to eliminate toxins.

During your cleansing period, your body does not have to spend all its energy on the digestive tract and can concentrate on clearing out leftover toxins.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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