One day juice Fasting

After 6 days of cleansing you are ready for a juice fast.
During one day you will only consume juices.
Juice fasting cleanses the body while supplying a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
The juices will help your intestinal flora eliminate all putrefied foods and toxic materials, leaving your intestines cleaned and revitalized. Harmful bacteria are replaced by healthy ones and people with constipation will soon have a proper bowel movement.

Why juicing?
Why juicing a carrot while you can eat one raw? A juice is digested easier than the whole vegetable.
By juicing you remove most of the fiber.
I have just told you that fiber is important for your colon health but for one day we want to limit its intake. We want our intestines tract to rest as much as possible letting it concentrate on the cleansing and healing. That is why I even recommended filtering the pulp from the juices for this day.

Juice fast can include: