All the feasts are behind us and we are starting now the New Year with all our new resolutions.
We have written down all our goals for this year and we will try to accomplish them, at least the next few weeks.

Is "taking care of my body" part of your list? No!
Well after a week partying, eating, drinking,... it is time to give our body a break. How about cleansing it?

Cleansing program is usually done for several weeks which kind of stop people from doing it.
One week of cleansing diet is ideal to get rid of the excess toxins we have ingested lately.
It is a short period of time and though everybody can do it easily.
I encourage people to keep on cleansing after a week if they want to.

This program is for healthy adults. Do not juice fast if you are pregnant, breast feeding, too young, or if you have any chronic disease such as diabetes, kidney problems, etc...

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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