Putting it all together

Start the day with a full glass of lemon drink (one lemon freshly squeezed with water).
Wait ½ hour before you eat your breakfast. It is the perfect moment to exercise, walk outside, do some breathing exercise or if unfortunately you are in a hurry, get ready for work.

1 Cup of herbal tea
Whole grain toast with tahini butter
Or cereals with soy milk
Fruits either whole, squeezed or in salad.

Lunch and dinner
Raw vegetables garnished with sprouts, pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds, and brewer's yeast.
Vegetable oil rich in essential fatty acids
Steamed vegetables
Whole cereals

No dessert during the cleansing. You can have fruits or once an entremet you made without sugar.

Consume at least once a day a green leafy vegetables steamed or in salad

It is just a snack to help you wait until the next meal. Do not overeat. Take a fruit, a handful of almonds or a fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
© Copyright L. Livernais-Saettel 2000
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