1. Soluble
    • Slows down the rate of digestion in the stomach, providing a steady flow of energy
    • Gives a feeling of being full
    • Slows the appearance of glucose in the blood: soluble fiber give a more gentle rise in blood sugar than sugar foods. Stable blood sugar levels make less demand on the insuline mechanism, which is needed to convert sugar from the blood into usable energy
    • Helps weight control by delaying the return of hunger
    • Promotes good intestinal health by increasing bowel motility and enhances transit through the intestinal tract
    • Reduces risk of heart disease
    • Binds bile acids
    • Binds fatty substances such as cholesterol and promotes their excretion as waste.

  2. Insoluble:
    • Speeds up intestinal transit and increase stool weight
    • Promotes laxation
    • Increases your feeling of fullness.
    • May reduce colon cancer, diverticulosis and heart disease

    Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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