Types of vegetarians

All the groups that follow do not eat meat or fish.

The prefix "lacto" refers to milk and "ovo" refers to eggs.

Ovo lacto vegetarians:
They eat eggs and dairy products.
Most vegetarians fall in this category.

Lacto vegetarians:
They avoid eggs but eat dairy products.

Ovo vegetarians:
They eat eggs but neither milk nor dairy products

They are total vegetarians. They abstain from eating or using all animal products. This includes eggs, dairy products but also leather, wool, silk...

Those are the main groups. Many people call themselves vegetarians and do not belong to any of these groups.
Some eat fishes, poultry or sea shells some even eat meat once in a while.
It depends on the reasons why people have chosen to lessen or stop their animal products consumption.

In order to address as many vegetarians possible I will give you the guidelines of a healthy adult ovo lacto vegetarian diet poor in dairy products.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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