How to return to a healthy pH balance?

First of all, if you do have an acidosis, you must talk to your doctor. He will run some tests and check if your organs are working well.

If everything is all right you have to work on your diet and your way of life.

Here are a few tips that will help you return to a healthy pH balance:

  1. Limit your intake of acid-forming foods and increase your alkaline-forming food consumption. Be careful; do not make the mistake of becoming too radical on the alkaline question. It is just as bad for the body to become too alkaline as it is for it to become too acid. A good balance is 1/3 acid-forming food and 2/3 of alkaline forming food.
  2. Avoid fat and animal proteins at supper.
  3. Drink 1.5 liter of water per day. Choose a water that has a neutral pH.
  4. Avoid any kind of pop and sweets.
  5. Try to detoxify your body two times a year (fall and spring). You can enroll in a class if you do it for the first time.
  6. Exercise daily.
  7. Take time during the day to practice deep respirations. Outside is better.
  8. Relax. The less stress you store in you the better. Practice Yoga, Tai Chi...
  9. Think positive. Even if you think everything is bad right now in your life there must be something good; find it. Take everything that happens to you with philosophy.
  10. You can rely on essential oils or herbs but do not do it by yourself. Ask a professional.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
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