Ethics and animal rights

Every minute of every day, thousands of animals are killed in slaughterhouses.
Unfortunately, for the majority of those animals, life is unnatural. Animals are treated like objects.
They are bred artificially, fed with fattening diet or/and hormones, abused, castrated, crowded together in small places...

In France, in 1997, 90% of pigs, 90 % of the veals, 70 % of the milk cows, 70 % of the chickens and 90 % of the hens were bred in "batteries".

Animals are living creatures with rights and feelings. They should be respected. It is not how it works. It is unfortunately not the case.

It happens, more often than we want to believe, that cattles are skinned alive, pigs immersed in scalding water, chicks are stuffed into plastic bags where they are crushed and suffocated...
Each year lots of animals die en route to slaughter.
These baby chickens were found still alive in the trash.

A milk cow must give birth every year to keep producing milk. When it gives birth, the baby is taken away from its mother, so the calf will not drink the milk. Cows are milked 10 times the amount the baby would drink. The cows end up with diseased.

Here is a true story about an anonymous animal born into the meat industry (unfortunately, there are many story like this one): read the story.

Animal farming is an industry where there is no place for feelings, the production lines must move quickly.

If you want to become an activist in the protection of animal or looking for further information go and visit this web site

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietitian
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