Why sprouting?

There are many reasons to sprout.

As a dietitian, I place nutrition as the number one reason. Sprouts are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The sprouting process makes the nutrients in the sprouts highly digestible: proteins and carbohydrates are reduced in smaller elements, amino acids and simple sugars, which are easily digested.
The compounds that decreased the bioavability of nutrients in the seeds are inhibited during the sprouting.

Sprouts are available all year round and no need to go to the grocery store. You have them always ready to eat in your kitchen. Moreover, they do not lose their freshness in shelves. You harvest them 5 minutes before eating; they are still full of life.

At first you have to invest a little bit in the material. You are going to need a jar or a sprouter and some seeds. You always have to spend some money when you start something but in the case of sprouts, it is quickly profitable. Seeds are cheap and 1 tablespoon provides a large quantity of sprouts.

Organic and ecology
No pesticides are needed to grow a seed. It gives you the pleasure to eat organic sprouts and to contribute to the health of the planet at the same time.

There is not negative point in sprouting. If you are not yet a spouter person, you will soon become one. It takes only a few seconds a day to grow delicious organic sprouts.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietitian
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