Someone who has never eaten a sprouted seed may wonder why it would be interesting to grow sprouts.
First of all, YES, sprouts can be eaten but unfortunately, it is not really common. You may have tried some sprouted alfalfa in a vegetarian restaurant but that is about it. Well, among vegetarians, vegan, or other groups of people who rely on plant foods, sprouts are part of the diet. Sprouting is indoor gardening that allows you to have fresh organic "baby vegetables" year-round.

Why sprouting?
What do I need to sprout?
Rules to sprout?
Growing sprouts in a jar
Growing sprouts in a vertical sprouter
Growing sprouts in a bag
Which seeds to sprout?
Sprouts chart
Suggested uses of sprouts
Effects of sprouting on nutrients and antinutrients
Composition of some sprouts

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietitian
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