Looking for healthy drinks!

If, like most of the people, you live a busy life but you care about your health, here is the solution. You need a blender, 5 minutes, some fruits and that is it! These fruity drinks are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Rich in vitamin C and E, they raise resistance and fight infection. To start the day or for a snack, they are an excellent energy booster!

Carrot Juice

Lemon Tonic

Cherry Juice

Sweet Drink

Apple Coconut

Tofu Berry

Mango Sherbet

Maori Shake

All these recipes are given for 2 people.
Try to use fresh fruits and fresh juices which are full of vitamins.
If you like your drink extra-thick, add a few ice cubes as you are blending.
Some of these drinks will separate if you do not drink them right away. If that happens whirl in the blender again to remix.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietitian
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