During vacations we like to gather around a barbecue.

The idea is very attractive!

However, besides the fact that cooking on barbecue is interesting since it does not require any fat, all the other foods are usually not really healthy.

Stay away from the chips and mayonnaise.

On the other hand do not restrain yourself on the vegetables: tomatoes, carrots sticks, cauliflower which you will accompany with a yogurt sauce.

On the barbecue, the meat is usually the only food you find.

Know that you can also grill some tofu and vegetables. Do not hesitate to improvise! (vegetarian barbecue)

For dessert avoid ice creams which are so appreciated in summer.

Sometimes we even add some whipped cream and/or chocolate. An ice cream is caloric. It provides sugars and fats.

Prefer sherbets or fresh fruits.

Realized by Laurence LIVERNAIS-SAETTEL, dietetian
© Copyright L. Livernais-Saettel 2003
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