It depends on your taste and the money you want to spend on.
You can start with some champagne or a sweet white wine.
You can let everyone choose from your stock of alcohol; whiskey, suze, martini...
Or you might want to prepare a punch such as sangria.

You may prefer alcohol free cocktails.
I am sure you already know many recipes. If you do not you may find some on this page:
Healthy drinks

Since the meal is going to be rich in calories, you may want to place on the table a few vegetables that will limit your calories intake and will not stuff you. This will only take a few minutes to prepare.
In a plate you can dispose some sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, carrots sticks, celery branches, radishes, cauliflower...

These vegetables can be eaten like this or dipped.
Here are three dip recipes:
Herbs dip

The humus and guacamole can also be spread on toasts or eaten with tortillas.

Roquefort toast can be prepared as well as Stuffed cucumbers and Barquette d'endives.

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